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Name of Subject:
Age/Gender Identity/Ethnicity of Subject:

(M) How nervous are you for this interview right now?

(L) When we first talked about this interview several weeks ago, we agreed that it would be honest and no-holds-barred, correct?

(L) We agreed that this would be an open field?

(R) Where did you grow up, and how old were you when you left home?

(R) Who are you?

(L) Have you been like this your entire life?

(G) Do you watch professional sports on television?

(G) Have you seen anything unusual lately?

(M) Are you a virgin?

(R) Can you even wrap your brain around, what it means now, artistically, to be you?

(L) Do you ever feel, when making your art, like you’re cheating?

(G) Have you ever experienced missing time?

(L) Are you a defiant person?

(G) Have you ever been diagnosed with any mental illness?

(L) Do you often feel that people around you are liars?

(G) Do you often crave pasta with garlic cream sauce?

(R) Who has had the biggest influence on you personally, and what did they impart on you that you will have forever?

(R) Do you have enemies?

(G) Do you have an unusual fear of the dark?

(G) Have you ever had dreams of being chased by animals?

(M) Are you a forgiving person?

(M) Do you have any siblings?

(M) Have you ever felt that they were jealous of you?

(L) Were you ever a bully?

(G) Do you often feel that you are being watched?

(R) Are you the essence of “fuck”?

(G) Do you frequently hear high-pitched noise in one or both ears?

(R) Would you say that other people help you get through difficult times? How?

(G) Are you a fan of the science fiction genre in film or literature?

(R) What do you want the viewer to know, about you?

(M) Is the color of your skin, now, different than the color of your skin when you were younger?

(R) Can an artist be a role model?

(R) What’s the hardest, and the loneliest, part about being you?

(G) Do you have a history of drug or alcohol abuse?

(G) Do you have now, or have you ever had, any sleep disorders?

(R) Finish this sentence: “I am happiest when…”

(G) Do you discuss UFOs with your friends or family?

(L) Have you ever gotten away with anything?


This interview is a collage of questions from GWC, Investigators’ 2013 Paranormal Interview for High Desert Test Sites (G) and questions posed by Oprah Winfrey to Lance Armstrong (L), Michael Jackson (M), and Rihanna (R).