Curated by GWC, Investigators
Shoot the Lobster, New York, NY
7 October to 16 October, 2016

Patti Harrison + Mary Kosut + Rebecca Peel + Eileen Isagon Skyers + Lorelei Ramirez + Chana Porter + Mimi Barcomi

On the occasion of NEW WORLD UNLTD's two-year anniversary and the release of Volume 4, Shoot the Lobster presented a series of public programs organized by GWC, Investigators, including a ten-day installation of posters, videos, and an otherwordly merch table featuring NWU voyagers past, present, and future. Witness the birth of a new from the refuse of the old. This is a NEW WORLD forged in the image of all minds and hearts for the betterment of all.

Marvin the dog.
The Merch Table
Dexter Driscoll and Lindsay Griffin perfoming an excerpt from Mimi Barcomi's forthcoming play, "X-Files: The Musical. Photo by GWC, Investigators.
Goblin Mugs by Jason Lee Starin
Opening Night
Action by Eileen Isagon Skyers
Action by Lorelei Ramirez. Photo: GWC, Investigators.
Poster by GWC, Investigators. Photo: Anna Xu.
The Merch Table.
The audience.
Opening night.
Action by Patti Harrison.
Opening night.
Mike, Jenni, Sean, and Marvin. Photo by Anna Xu.
Ice cold Scorpion Bowl by Michael Welsh.
Action by Rebecca Peel <3
Scorpoin Bowl by Michael Welsh
Posters by Chris Oh (left) and Sean Carney.
The audience.
Scorpion Bowl and Lounge by Michael Welsh. Poster by GWC, Investigators.
Opening night.
Lounge by Michael Welsh featuring color-printed pillows by Rebecca R Peel
Posters by Joshua Pavlacky (left) and Blind Arch.
Sean J Patrick Carney and Michael Welsh making remarks.
Action by Chana Porter, reading from her upcoming novel, "SEEP." Photo by GWC, Investigators.
The Last Whole Earth Catalog" by C. Smith
"Fucks Capacitors" by Tabitha Nikolai
Action by Patti Harrison.
Goin' in for the Scorpoin Bowl.
The Merch Table
Michael Welsh. Photo by Anna Xu
Video work by Ariel Jackson.
The Lounge. Photo by Anna Xu.
Gotta get that Scorpion Bowl.
Get it.
Action by Mary Kosut.

FREE Poster Edition including works by: 
Aurora Tang / Blind Arch / C Smith / Chase Biado / Chris Oh / Daniel J Glendening / Erin Schneider / Gabi Villasenor / Jason Lee Starin / Jen Shear / Josh Pavlacky / Michael Welsh / Mike Schreiber / Rebecca R Peel / Sarah Hotchkiss / Sean J Patrick Carney 

Video Works by: 
Ariel Jackson / Blind Arch / Daniel J Glendening / Eileen Isagon Skyers / GWC, Investigators / Rebecca R Peel / Sean J Patrick Carney 

Merch Table including works by: 
C Smith / Chris Oh / GWC, Investigators / Jason Lee Starin / Jen Shear / Michael Welsh / Tabitha Nikolai 

NEW WORLD UNLTD was supported in part by the Calligram Foundation and Portland Institute for Contemporary Art’s Precipice Fund.

Photographs by Stephen Faught, unless otherwise noted.


Curated by GWC, Investigators
BHQFU, New York, NY
18 April, 2015

GWC, Investigators + Sydney S Kim + Rebecca R Peel + Rachel Hyman + Jesse Bransford + T Nikolai + Alberto Garcia del Castillo

On the occasion of the first NEW WORLD UNLTD publication project, GWC, Investigators organized a launch party featuring performances, video works, and readings from a variety of Fellow Intrepid Voyagers. Michael Welsh exhibited his original Scorption Bowl cocktails. The first issue of NEW WORLD UNLTD featured contributions from: Zack Davis + Claire L Evans + Alberto Garcia del Castillo + Sydney S Kim + T Nikolai + Rebecca R Peel + Roberth Smithson + Madame Ennui.

Scorpion Bowl by Michael Welsh.
The crowd. Tie dyes by Michael Welsh..
Jason gettin' in the bowl.
GWC, Investigators (L-R): Welsh, Glendening, Carney
Sydney S Kim reading from her work, CRYSTALLIN
Reading by Rachel Hyman
Grab a straw.
Tie Dyes.
Jesse Bransford blowing minds.
The crowd.
The poster. By GWC, Investigators.
Screening GWC, Investigators' film trailer for The Walton Project
Intrepid voyagers.
Screening GWC, Investigators' film trailer for The Walton Project

Photos by Andrea Arrubla

As artists included in Emergency Index, Volume 3, GWC, Investigators was invited to participate in a performance showcase at Printed Matter, Inc's 2015 LA Art Book Fair at the Geffen Contemporary.

Performers were asked to reinterpret a work by another artist included in Emergency Index. GWC, Investigators chose to interpret Aleks Slota's work, Silence through a guided binaural listening session with original video accompaniment.



INVESTIGATIONS Marvin the dog, looking baleful