NEW WORLD UNTLD is a biannual publication curated by GWC, Investigators and produced in collaboration with Social Malpractice Publishing. It features new and revisited works by artists engaging science fiction, the paranormal, and the psychedelic. To date, four volumes have been published. 

NEW WORLD UNTLD, Vol 4: Southward Equinox (2016), Featuring: Chris Oh, C. Smith, Joshua Pavlacky, Mary Kosut, Lorelei Ramirez, Gabi Villasenor & Adrienne Huckabone, and Mike Schreiber 

NEW WORLD UNTLD, Vol 3: Northward Equinox (2016), Featuring: Andrea Arrubla, Sydney S Kim, Ariel Jackson, Brody Condon, Jen Shear, Tyler Dusenbury, Eileen Isagon Skyers, and Chase Biado 

NEW WORLD UNTLD, Vol 2: Southward Equinox (2015), Featuring: Erin Schneider, Sarah Hotchkiss, Aurora Tang & Terry Tang, Jesse Bransford, Jason Lee Starin, RR Griffiths, Sydney S Kim, and Madame Ennui  

NEW WORLD UNTLD, Vol 1: Northward Equinox (2015), Featuring: Zack Davis, Claire L Evans, Alberto Garcia del Castillo, Sydney S Kim, T Nikolai, Rebecca R Peel, Roberth Smithson, and Madame Ennui