Curated by GWC, Investigators

Shoot the Lobster, New York, NY

7 October to 16 October, 2016

Photographs by Stephen Faught, unless otherwise noted

Patti Harrison + Mary Kosut + Rebecca Peel + Eileen Isagon Skyers + Lorelei Ramirez + Chana Porter + Mimi Barcomi 

On the occasion of NEW WORLD UNLTD's two-year anniversary and the release of Volume 4, Shoot the Lobster presents a series of public programs organized by GWC, Investigators, plus a ten-day installation of posters, videos, and an otherwordly merch table featuring NWU voyagers past, present, and future. Witness the birth of a new from the refuse of the old. This is a NEW WORLD forged in the image of all minds and hearts for the betterment of all.

FREE Poster Edition including works by: 
Aurora Tang / Blind Arch / C Smith / Chase Biado / Chris Oh / Daniel J Glendening / Erin Schneider / Gabi Villasenor / Jason Lee Starin / Jen Shear / Josh Pavlacky / Michael Welsh / Mike Schreiber / Rebecca R Peel / Sarah Hotchkiss / Sean J Patrick Carney 

Video Works by: 
Ariel Jackson / Blind Arch / Daniel J Glendening / Eileen Isagon Skyers / GWC, Investigators / Rebecca R Peel / Sean J Patrick Carney 

Merch Table including works by: 
C Smith / Chris Oh / GWC, Investigators / Jason Lee Starin / Jen Shear / Michael Welsh / Tabitha Nikolai 

NEW WORLD UNLTD receives generous support from the Calligram Foundation and Portland Institute for Contemporary Art’s Precipice Fund.